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The electrical direct current conductivity of a polymer film with embedded nanoparticles varies between the conductivity of the insulator material (e.g., for plasma polymers б po = 10−14−10−16Ω−1 cm−1, see Sect. 2.1.3) and the bulk metal (e.g., for silver QAg = 6.3 × 105 Ω−1 cm−1, and for gold σ Au = 4.8 × 105 Ω−1 cm−1 [414]). Because this variation ranges over 20 orders of magnitude and no unified description of electrical transport processes exists for all possible metal proportions, different models are assumed for the d.c. electrical conductivity in each of the three structural regions: the metallic range, the percolation range and the insulating range (Fig. 5.1).


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