Optical and Spectroscopic Properties of Conjugated Polymers

  • Davide Comoretto
  • Guglielmo Lanzani
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 60)


The use of plastics to replace other more traditional structural materials like wood, metals and alloys has generated important changes in our everyday lives. The reduction in weight and costs has made plastics one of the most widely used structural materials in our society. Plastic materials are formed by very long chains (polymers or macromolecules) in which one or more repetitive units are covalently linked together several times. These units are mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. All the polymeric chains are then packed together by secondary bonds giving rise to the bulk material. During the polymerization process, defects may occur in the regular connection, branching and cross-linking, thereby modifying the properties of the material. An additional source of disorder in polymeric materials is due to the fact that each macromolecule can be composed of different numbers of repeating units, thus giving rise to a distribution of molecular weights. The study of these properties is a traditional topic in macromolecular science [1].


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