Pulsed Interactions in Nonlinear Fiber Bragg Gratings

  • M. J. Steel
  • N. G. R. Broderick
Part of the Springer Series in Photonics book series (PHOTONICS, volume 10)


Multiple frequency interactions in fiber Bragg gratings provide fertile ground for new nonlinear effects. Exploiting the unusual dispersive properties of fiber gratings permits new techniques for both pulse compression and frequency conversion. Combined with cross-phase modulation, the grating allows rapid compression and acceleration of a weak pulse in a grating while parametric amplification of a weak pulse is automatically phase-matched, regardless of the underlying material dispersion. We present theoretical descriptions of both these effects and analyze the first series of experiments which have successfully demonstrated compression due to cross-phase modulation in a grating — the Optical Pushbroom.


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  • N. G. R. Broderick

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