Use of β-Glucuronidase to Show Dehydration and High-Salt Gene Expression

  • K. Nakashima
  • K. Yamaguchi-Shinozaki
Part of the Molecular Methods of Plant Analysis book series (MOLMETHPLANT, volume 22)


Plants respond to environmental stress, and the transduced signals cause expression of numerous genes associated with stress tolerance. A number of genes have been described that respond to water stress such as induced by drought and salinity in plants (Ingram and Bartels 1996; Bray 1997; Shinozaki and Yamaguchi-Shinozaki 1997, 1999, 2000; Hasegawa et al. 2000). More than 60 independent cDNAs for dehydration-inducible genes have been reported in Arabidopsis (Shinozaki and Yamaguchi-Shinozaki 1997, 1999, 2000). Functions of their gene products have been predicted from sequence homology with known proteins (Fig. 4.1). Genes induced during dehydration stress conditions are thought to function not only in protecting cells from dehydration by the production of important metabolic proteins (functional proteins) but also in the regulation of genes for signal transduction in the dehydration stress response (regulatory proteins). Northern analysis of dehydration-inducible genes revealed that there appear to be at least four independent signal-transduction pathways between the initial dehydration signal and gene expression (Fig. 4.2). Most of the dehydration-responsive genes are induced by the plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA), but others are not.


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