Introducing Evolution

  • Gerard M. De Beuckelaer


I do not believe that I have to explain to a person who read this far that we, as individuals, as a species and as a society, are the result of evolution. I say this as a convinced Christian, without the slightest feeling of contradiction. Evolution, the instrument that God created and then used to let us emerge, is not a bit less impressive and awesome than the biblical story. Genesis after all describes the same phenomena, only using the extremely simplified language that was necessary to be understood by the audience at that time. Has anybody noticed that even the sequence of creation, as mentioned in the bible corresponds quite precisely with the sequence we now know, through overwhelming evidence, as the one followed by evolution? I do not want to enter into a debate with the Christian fundamentalists. I despise fundamentalists in general, irrespective their color or conviction. I believe that they should be locked up, if possible in mixed teams, so that they could punish themselves by making each other’s lives miserable. I have however a very special problem with the Christian fundamentalists, because they try to sail under a Christian flag. As paradox as this may look: they do not just insult my intelligence, they also hurt my religious feelings with their pharisaic self-righteousness and intolerance.


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