Phenomenology of Hard Diffraction

  • Vincenzo Barone
  • Enrico Predazzi
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Hard diffraction is a relatively new research field. With some historical approximation, we can say that it was born in 1985, when Ingelman and Schlein (1985) suggested to investigate diffractive production of high- pT jets as a way to probe the partonic structure of the pomeron (soon after, Fritzsch and Streng (1985) discussed a related process, heavy-quark diffractive production; see also Berger et al. 1987). The next important step was taken by Bjorken (1993), who proposed to use large rapidity gaps as a signature of hard hadronic processes dominated by color—singlet exchange, and gave an estimate for the fraction of events with such a final—state topology (the idea of using the rapidity-gap signature had been also suggested, some years earlier, by Dokshitzer, Troyan and Khoze 1987).


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