Histopathological Manifestations of Chronic GvHD

  • Berno Heymer


Chronic GvHD develops in about 30 % – 50 % of patients after related donor BMT [16]. In addition to the three classic targets of acute GvHD — skin, liver, and GIT — it may involve many other organs and tissues [176, 255, 278, 284] . Chronic GvHD can manifest early or late, in a localized or generalized way, and, according to the type of onset, as progressive, quiescent, or de novo disease. In view of so many clinical variables it is not surprising that the histopathology of chronic GvHD also differs considerably. The organ most frequently affected is the skin.


Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Acute GvHD Chronic GvHD Bronchiolitis Obliterans Localize Scleroderma 
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