Case Histories, Geomorphological Facts

  • Theodor H. Erismann
  • Gerhard Abele


It has already been pointed out (Sect. 1.2) that the purpose of this book differs from those of most studies in the field of gravitational mass movements. Therefore the most important chapters (3, 4, 5, and 6) deal in a physical, partly also a mathematical manner with various mechanisms, the lion’s share being devoted to the mechanisms of displacement (Chap. 5). This distribution of weights is clearly reflected by reduction of geomorphological information to the amount dictated by necessity. Nevertheless the fundamental importance of geomorphology remains untouched: every bit of physical reasoning must be derived from some geomorphological fact, and every mathematical equation must find its correlative in a geomorphologically expressed process.


Clay Permeability Dust Convection Welding 


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