Neutrino Oscillations and the Solar Neutrino Problem

  • W. C. Haxton


Part of the interest in neutrino astrophysics has to do with the fascinating interplay between nuclear and particle physics issues — e.g. whether neutrinos are massive and undergo flavor oscillations, whether they have detectable electromagnetic moments, etc. — and astrophysical phenomena, such as the clustering of matter on large scales, the processes responsible for the synthesis of nuclei, the mechanism for core-collapse supernovae and the evolution of our sun. This summary addresses one of the oldest problems in neutrino astrophysics, the 30 year puzzle of the missing solar neutrinos. This puzzle grew out of attempts to test the standard theory of main-sequence stellar evolution, but has now led to speculations about physics beyond the Standard Model of electroweak interactions. I shall describe the work that defined the solar neutrino problem, the likelihood that its resolution is connected with massive neutrinos and the hopes we have for future experiments.


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