Continuum Gamma Ray Emission from Supernova Remnants

  • Anatoli Iyudin
  • Gottfried Kanbach
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Supernova remnants are the dramatic objects produced by the violent explosions of massive stars at the end of their life. This explosion, called a supernova, is one of the most energetic events in the universe, and causes a single star to briefly outshine the entire Galaxy in which it is located. Supernovae in our own Galaxy have produced spectacular light shows in the night (and often in the daytime) sky, but the last supernova in the Milky Way that was observed from Earth was in 1604. This is why the supernova discovered in the Large Magellanic Cloud (a nearby Galaxy at a distance of ~50 kpc) in 1987 was so exciting to astronomers: it was the only supernova visible with the naked eye in the last 400 years!


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  • Gottfried Kanbach

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