Detecting Ultra High Energy Neutrinos by Upward Tau Airshowers and Gamma Flashes

  • Daniele Fargion
Conference paper


τ Air-showers are the best trace of rarest Ultra High Energy neutrinos UHE υτ, υ¯τ and υ¯e at PeV and higher energy. τ Air-showers may generate billion times amplified signals by their secondaries. Horizontal amplified τ air-showers by υτ N and UHE υ¯e e at PeV emerging from mountain chain might be the most power-full imprint. Upward UHE υτ N interaction on Earth crust at horizontal edge and from below, their consequent UHE τ air-showers beaming toward high mountains should flash γ,μ, X and optical detectors on the top. Upward τ air-shower may hit nearby satellite flashing them by short, hard, diluted γ-burst at the edge of Gamma Ray Observatory BATSE threshold. We identify these events with recent (1994) discovered upward Terrestrial Gamma Flashes (TGF) and we probed their UHE τ — UHE υτ origin. From these TGF data approximated UHE υτ flux and sever lower bound are derived. Partial TGF Galactic signature is also manifest within known 47 TGF events at ≃ 2 ⊙· 10−3probability. Well known X — γ — TeV active galactic and extragalactic sources have found probable counterpart in TGF arrival directions. Detection of elusive UHE υτ seem finally achieved.


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  • Daniele Fargion
    • 1
  1. 1.Physics Department and INFNRome University 1RomeItaly

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