Samples, Sample Preparation and Tester Setup

  • Matthias Scherge
  • Stanislav S. Gorb
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Biological motion systems are highly adapted micromechanical units. Due to the long evolution period these systems exhibit an optimum combination of mechanical (stability, elasticity) and tribological (friction, adhesion, wear) properties. Therefore, biological systems are excellent candidates as model systems for the design of new materials and for micromechanical applications.


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  • Matthias Scherge
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  • Stanislav S. Gorb
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  1. 1.Basic and Tribology ResearchIAVF Antriebstechnik AGKarlsruheGermany
  2. 2.Biologische Mikrotribologie GruppeMPI für EntwicklungsbiologieTübingenGermany

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