Vacuum Electrodynamics

  • Brian Punsly
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The study of vacuum electromagnetic fields of sources for Maxwell’s equations near the horizon is a fundamental starting point for understanding GHM in the ergosphere. It addresses two core issues that can determine the global flow. Firstly, Maxwell’s equations can be used to determine the electrodynamic nature of spacetime near the event horizon. For example, if the event horizon can impose meaningful boundary conditions electrodynamincally, the GHM coupling in the ergosphere would be largely a consequence of these constraints. It will be demonstrated that contrary to many popular early treatments of black hole magnetospheres that the event horizon is an asymptotic infinity for accreting charge neutral electromagnetic sources. This is essentially a manifestation of a “No Hair” theorem that is proven for rotating black holes. In particular, we show in Sect. 3.8 that the spacetime near the horizon has no unipolar inductive properties like a Faraday wheel has at the end of a plasma-filled waveguide or transmission line (as discussed in Sect. 2.10). Thus, the event horizon plays no role in any GHM interaction except for being an effective sink for mass influx.


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