There was a Mathematician in Him

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It seems that for Lie as well, the autumn of 1868 had been a constantly inspiring period of work. Apart from Poncelet, what brought him the first wave of inspiration, there were the books of Plücker — in any case, it was among the works of Poncelet and Plücker that he first found a conceptual apparatus, a mathematical language that he could use to express his own ideas. But besides these two mathematicians, he briefed himself on the works of Carnot, Hamilton, Cremona, Möbius, Hunyadi, Townsend, Grassmann, Salmon and others, and he borrowed various volumes of leading mathematical journals: Crelle’s Journal from Berlin, Liouville’s Journal and Comptes Rendus from Paris, and Philosophical Transactions published in London.


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    Carl C. Berner (1841–1918) was, like Sophus Lie, a graduate of the sciences. He was an active Liberal Party politician, technical school director in Bergen, Minister of Church and Education, and active as a parlamentarian who worked toward the ending the Norway-Sweden Union in 1905.Google Scholar

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