The Progress Rate of the \(\left( {1\mathop ,\limits^ + \lambda } \right)\)-ES on the Sphere Model

  • Hans-Georg Beyer
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This chapter analyzes the progress rate of the \(\left( {1\mathop ,\limits^ + \lambda } \right)\)-ES. The first section is devoted to the exact theory of the (1 + 1)-ES on the sphere model, including the results considering the N-dependency and noisy fitness data. In the second and third section, analytical progress rate formulae are derived for the asymptotic case N → ∞; moreover, the dynamics of the ES-process is investigated. The second section is dedicated to the ES without noise, whereas the third is concerned with the ES under the presence of noise on the fitness measurement process (fitness noise). The consequences are discussed, as well as ideas for the improvement of the convergence property. In the fourth section, the (1, λ)-ES is investigated again with the aim of finding a simpler approach to the derivation of N-dependent analytical progress rate formulae.


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