Regionalisation of Precipitation in Castilla and Leon (Spain). Analysis of its Temporal behaviour

  • Jose Luis Labajo
  • Antonio Piorno


From the 44 weather stations used to compile the database on precipitation in the Regional Community of Castilla and León (Spain), we selected a set that would cover uniformly the study zone and that would have sufficiently long precipitation series to include the 1931–1996 period and be concordant over time. From the corresponding homogeneous series of data, we established precipitation anomaly series, both on the seasonal and annual scale, for each of the weather stations analysed. In each case we made use of the annual or seasonal mean precipitation for the 1961–1990 period.

A 1° × 1° latitude/longitude grid of the region was established. At the centre of each cell we determined the annual and seasonal precipitation series, representative of the precipitation, following the methodology of Jones et al. (1982). From these series, by repeating this process, the seasonal and annual series representative of the whole region were established.

Analysis of the temporal behaviour of the precipitation, both annual and seasonal, in the study zone was accomplished using these series of regional anomalies. In each case we applied the methodology necessary for determining and assessing possible trends. The results show that at a confidence level of 95% no trends exist. At lower confidence levels, there were signs of a possible decreasing trend, with the exception of autumn, both for the complete period (1945–1996) and for the 1972–1996 subperiod. These signs seem to be corroborated by the behaviour of the 30-year running mean series. Furthermore, the correlation between precipitation and the mean pressures recorded in the zone also supports the possible existence in recent decades of a decreasing trend in the total annual and seasonal precipitation recorded in Castilla and León.


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  • Jose Luis Labajo
    • 1
  • Antonio Piorno
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of General and Atmospheric PhysicsUniversity of SalamancaSpain

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