SBT-Family Aurivillius-Phase Layer Structures

  • James F. Scott
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The Aurivillius layer-structure compounds come in a family consisting of oxides of general formula
$${A^2} + M_x^3 + {M_y}{O_{3z}}$$
where A is an alkaline earth (such as Sr), M3+ is a trivalent metal (usually Bi), M is a +4 or +5 metal (titanium, tantalum, or niobium), and z can range from 3 to 9. The titanates with even z are usually not ferroelectric along the c-axis; they are antiferroelectric [352, 353], as shown by the superlattice diffraction lines in the HREM data of Scott and Ross in Fig. 10.1. The titanate structures with z = 4 and z = 5 are shown in Figs. 10.1 and 10.2 and may be compared with that for z = 2 in Fig. 9.1. The z = 5 (SrBi4Ti4O15) and z = 6 (Sr2Bi4Ti5O18) structures are both ferroelectric at room temperature. It is easy to make these at high temperatures from a room-temperature fluorite structure because, as discussed in the preceding chapter, the Ti—O or Ta—O sixfold coordinated octahedra are already formed in that defective structure, the Ta—O or Ti—O bond lengths are very nearly the same in the two phases, and, as shown by Chen and Yu and by Poignant et al. [354], the Bi2O2 planes easily slide into the space between adjacent MO6 octahedra in these structures. Because Bi2O2 planes are so easy to position between ABO3 perovskite blocks (SrTaO3) in SBT, it has been possible to make artificial superlattices by layering the Bi2O2 externally, as shown by Tabata et al. [354].


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