Networking Aspects of Distributed and Parallel Computing

  • Jarek Nabrzyski
  • Maciej Stroiński
  • Jan Wȩglarz
Part of the International Handbooks on Information Systems book series (INFOSYS)


This chapter is aimed at those who are interested in getting the highest available communication performance for their parallel and distributed applications and at those who are interested in the communication aspects of distributed and parallel computing. The chapter is focused on high-speed communication networks such as: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Fibre Channel, ATM and HIPPI. The performance aspects of the networks and of the I/O subsystems of supercomputers are presented. Some classes of services for ATM, (e.g. VBR, UBR, CBR) are described and the level of QoS fulfilled by these classes is discussed. The chapter should also be interesting for users who would like to write their own programs using different vendor native APIs, such as Fore ATM API and Iris HIPPI API.


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  • Maciej Stroiński
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