The Electric Charges

  • Othmar Steinmann
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In the preceding chapter the charge operators Q G , Q c , Q M , have been defined and their relations discussed in a non-rigorous way. We wish to rigorize these important matters as far as is possible without an explicit solution of the theory. We assume the existence of a rigorously defined QED as a theory of quantum fields A µ , , Ψ, Ψ̄ satisfying the p-Maxwell equations (6.14) and the Dirac equations (6. 10) . We need not know the exact definition of the singular products Ψ̄γ µ Ψ and .A̸ Ψ, as long as the current j µ thus defined is conserved. The theory must satisfy the Postulates 1–6 or, equivalently, the Properties W1—W5 described in Chap. 4.


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