Schrödinger’s Cat

  • Jean-Louis Basdevant
  • Jean Dalibard
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The superposition principle states that if |φ a ̪ and |φ b ̪ are two possible states of a quantum system, the quantum superposition (|φ a ̪ + |φ b ̪)/ \( \left( {|{\phi _a}\rangle + |{\phi _b}} \right)/\sqrt 2 \) is also an allowed state for this system. This principle is essential in explaining interference phenomena. However, when it is applied to “large” objects, it leads to paradoxical situations where a system can be in a superposition of states which is classically self-contradictory (antinomic).


Statistical Mixture Paradoxical Situation Quantum Superposition Simple Pendulum Gaussian Envelope 
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