Vortices in Type II Superconductors

  • Laurent-Patrick Lévy
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In previous chapters, we observed that the free energy of an interface between normal and superconducting regions was negative Γ ns < 0 when the London penetration depth exceeded the coherence length (divided by \(\sqrt 2 \)). When there is a magnetic field, a highly divided structure is therefore energetically favoured, in which normal and superconducting phases coexist [442], in such a way as to limit the positive diamagnetic energy of screening currents. We shall now study this mixed state. It is easy to see that it will be governed by quantum effects. Consider a normal region enclosed within the superconductor and traversed by a magnetic field. Around this region, a screening current must circulate in the superconductor. Consider a circular path of radius r around the normal region. The Bohr-Sommerfeld quantisation rule (or equivalently, the second Ginzburg-Landau equation) applied to a Cooper pair in orbital (vortex) motion around this path, leads to
$${\oint {{p_s}dl = m} _*}\oint {{v_s}dl = {m_*}{v_s}2\pi r = nh} $$


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