Fractality and the Kinetics of Chaos

  • G. M. Zaslavsky
Conference paper
Part of the Centre de Physique des Houches book series (LHWINTER, volume 13)


A kinetic equation describes the evolution of the distribution function F(x) in the space of a set of variables (x) which can be a subset of the phase space coordinates. Typically, the kinetic description of a system emerges from two basic characteristics of the dynamical process: its random features and its reduced subset (\(\left( {\bar x} \right)\)) of variables. The first characteristic, randomness, consists of a reasonable physical assumption like the Boltzmann’s Stossansatz or the random phase approximation (see for example G.M. Zaslaysy, Chaos in dynamical systems, Harwood Academic publishers, New York, 1989). The second characteristic, typically, is based on a separation of slow and fast variables and averaging procedure over the latter ones.


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