The Aerodynamics of a Lifting System Near Curved Ground

  • Kirill V. Rozhdestvensky


A large seagoing ground-effect vehicle has to combine sufficient seaworthiness with acceptable magnitude of the lift-to-drag ratio, when flying above rough seas. The approach of matched asymptotic expansions furnishes a simplified mathematical model of the unsteady aerodynamics of the wing-in-groundeffect vehicle, based on the idea of domination of the channel flow in the extreme ground effect. This concept seems to be promising for wave perturbations, because the influence of waves upon the aerodynamics of such a vehicle is in fact predominantly due to the corresponding variation of the geometry of the gap between the wing and the sea surface.


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  • Kirill V. Rozhdestvensky
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  1. 1.Staint-Petersburg State Marine Technical UniversitySaint-PetersburgRussia

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