Chiral (1,0) NLSM and Heterotic Strings

  • Sergei V. Ketov
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In the NLSM approach to the calculation of the bosonic string LEEA (Sect. 6.1) one considers propagation of a single (test) string in the background of its massless modes (described by a 2d NLSM). Quantum consistency of the NLSM implies its 2d conformai invariance. In the case of the NSR string, the non-chiral (1,1) supersymmetric 2d NLSM should be considered along similar lines. As regards the so-called heterotic strings [407, 408], one should deal with a chiral, (1,0) supersymmetric 2d NLSM [321, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413]. We call the (1,0) supersymmetric 2d NLSM heterotic too.


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