Classical Structure and Renormalization

  • Sergei V. Ketov
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In this chapter we define the general bosonic Non-Linear Sigma-Model (NLSM) action (without a scalar potential) and discuss its symmetries and quantization. The two-dimensional (2d) NLSM are distinguished by their renormalizability and the existence of a Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten (WZNW) term of second order in the spacetime derivatives. The covariant background field method and on-shell renormalization are developed, and the three-loop Renormalization Group (RG) β-functions of the general two-dimensional NLSM are derived. The 2d WZNW model and the 2d Freedman-Townsend NLSM are defined, and their perturbative RG β-functions are calculated. We also briefly consider classical duality transformations in NLSM, gauging NLSM isometries, and the Skyrme model of pions and nucleons in four dimensions.


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