Chemical, Physical and Application Technology Parameters of Phenolic Resins

  • Arno Gardziella
  • Louis A. Pilato
  • Andre Knop


Testing or identification of phenolic resins in principle differentiates these according to quality guidelines — whether a stipulated specification is met — or by their classification and suitability for certain uses or in specific fields of application. The former type of testing is carried out in modern quality and/or production control facilities at the manufacturer and the customer. Testing in the areas of application technology, research, and development may be seen as a determination of parameters according to application-specific aspects.


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  • Arno Gardziella
    • 1
  • Louis A. Pilato
    • 2
  • Andre Knop
    • 3
  1. 1.WittenGermany
  2. 2.Phenolic Resin TechnologyAdvanced Composite SystemsBound BrookUSA
  3. 3.Bad HomburgGermany

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