Betrothal and Preparations

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There are no written records indicating how Abel spent the summer of 1824. Perhaps he saw no reason to journey home to Gjerstad, as that would be only to visit the same sad conditions about which he still could do nothing. His older brother, Hans Mathias, had become so listless that he could scarcely be talked to; his sister, Elisabeth, still had not been confirmed, and consequently, she was too young to obtain a position in service in Christiania; and it seems that the nineteen year-old Thomas Hammond was not someone whose labour was in great demand. Nonetheless Niels Henrik may well have gotten his brother Peder to go home during that summer of 1824. The student friends who helped Peder with his lessons would in any case now be away from the capital. The weather had been fine in late spring and early summer, perhaps from the perspective of the farmer, it had approached a drought. But then the remainder of the summer was warm with quite a bit of precipitation, and in Gjerstad nobody complained about the way the crops grew and matured that season. As far as Mother Abel at Lunde was concerned, the weather no longer seemed to play a role in her life. According to Vicar Aas, Mrs. Abel was so dirty and dishevelled that the few times he had invited her to the vicarage, out of decency, he had had to send his servant over to her at Lunde before the visit to see that she was tolerably presentable.


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