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Niels Henrik Abel died on April 6, 1829, not yet 27 years of age. Two weeks later in the obituary column of Den Norske Rigstidende, Sivert Smith, owner of Froland Ironworks announced that “ the highly esteemed Niels Henrik Abel, widely famous for his mathematical excellence, and Docent (Professor) at the Royal Frederik University, following 12 weeks of serious illness, has died at my house...” In a column beside the death notice, and in the section entitled “ Paid Contributions” , was a seven stanza poem entitled “ Niels Henrik Abel.”


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    Christiania was officially renamed Oslo in 1925Google Scholar
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    The lektorwas a junior post in Norway’ s new university, but one which perhaps had greater status than the current position of lecturer in the Anglo-American academic world.Google Scholar
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    The speciedaler, named from the German thaler, was a silver coin generally worth 2 riksdaler across Scandinavia. It was used in Denmark/Norway until 1813. Thereafter Norway developed its own currency and with the establishment of the mint in 1816, the speciedaler was worth 5 ort (marks) or 120 shillings. When the crown (krone) became the standard currency of Norway in 1872/73, the speciedaler was valued at 4 kroner. In the early 1800s, Denmark and Sweden also used the speciedaler and riksdaler, or riksbankdaler. Google Scholar

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