Magnetohydrodynamics of HEMP

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Using the continuum mechanics approach, details are presented for solving the equations of magnetohydrodynamics in two space dimensions and time. The problem considers cylindrical symmetry, in that only the H θ component of a magnetic field is present. The problem is formulated so that the stress contributions resulting from a magnetic field are incorporated into the stress tensor of an elastic-plastic computer program. In addition to the Lorentz force and magnetic diffusion, thermal and radiation diffusion are also treated. Presented here is the magnetohydrodynamic portion of the HEMP program including thermal and radiation diffusion. Details of the calculations are given for the case where only the H θ component of an applied magnetic field, H, is included. The problem consists of developing a finite difference approximation to the double operator, ∇ × ∇ × V, where V is a vector function. The mathematical problem is similar to that for approximating the double operator, ∇ ∙ ∇ V, where V is a scalar function. For the problem at hand, V is the magnetic field, H and V is the temperature, T. It is seen from the vector identity
$$\nabla \times \nabla \times H = \nabla (\nabla \cdot H) - \nabla \cdot \nabla H$$
$$\nabla \times \nabla \times H = - \nabla \cdot \nabla H = - {\nabla ^2}H,$$
$$\nabla \cdot H = 0.$$
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