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General Remarks on Using the Programs

  • H. J. Korsch
  • H.-J. Jodl


Many programs use masks which provide a convenient way of changing parameters and starting procedures. A mask contains options which can be selected by means of the cursor keys. There are the following types of options:
  • Menu items: Pressing ⧼Enter⧽ starts the selected action.

  • Status fields: The ⧼Enter⧽ key may
    • switch from ‘on’ (normal representation) to ‘off’ (inverted representation),

    • change the inscription of the field,

    • switch the current field on and others off.

  • Editable fields: After the cursor has been placed on such a field, the whole content can be deleted by pressing ⧼Enter⧽ or ⧼Esc⧽. It can be restored, if necessary, immediately after the deletion with ⧼→⧽ and ⧼Enter⧽. The text can be edited by using the ⧼←⧽, ⧼→⧽, ⧼Del⧽, and ⧼Backspace⧽ keys (the last two delete characters at the cursor position or left of it, respectively). ⧼Ins⧽ switches between the insert and overwrite modes. ⧼Home⧽ and ⧼End⧽ move the cursor to the beginning or end of the text, respectively. The field is left by pressing ⧼Enter⧽, ⧼↑⧽ ,or ⧼ ↓⧽, and the cursor jumps to the next field. Furthermore, pressing ⧼←⧽ or ⧼→⧽ at the beginning or end of the field, respectively, leaves the edit mode.


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