Nummular Eczema

  • H. R. Bruckbauer
  • S. Karl
  • J. Ring


Eczema is defined as noncontagious epidermo-dermititis with typical clinical features (pruritus, erythema, papule, seropapule, vesicle, desquamation, incrustation, lichenification with synchronous and metachronous polymorphism) and typical histopathological appearance (spongiosis, akanthosis, parakeratosis, lymphocytic infiltration). It often results from various endogenous activators or exogenous noxious substances due to hypersensitivity.


Nummular dermatitis microbial eczema nummular-microbial eczema dysregulativemicrobial eczema discoidal eczema 


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  • H. R. Bruckbauer
  • S. Karl
  • J. Ring

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