Chemistry and Biology of Multifunctional DNA Binding Agents

  • Nicholas Farrell
  • Yun Qu
  • John D. Roberts
Part of the Topics in Biological Inorganic Chemistry book series (TBIC, volume 1)


Dinuclear and trinuclear platinum complexes represent a new class of anticancer agents, distinct in DNA binding and antitumor activity from their mononuclear counterparts. The first representative of this class has now advanced to Phase I clinical trials. Dinuclear compounds may be differentiated amongst themselves with respect to important parameters of biological activity. This review summarizes the chemistry and biology of multifunctional DNA-binding agents, principally those characterized by the presence of two cis-[PtC12(amine)2] moieties in the same molecule.


Multifunctional platinum DNA binding antitumor agents 


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