Dispersion-Managed Solitons: Application to Terabit/s Transmission Over Transoceanic Distances

  • T. Georges
Conference paper
Part of the Centre de Physique des Houches book series (LHWINTER, volume 12)


The propagation of an optical pulse on a fibre can be approximated by the perturbed non-linear Schrödinger equation
$$i{q'_z} + \frac{1}{2}D\left( z \right){q''_{tt}} + a\left( z \right){\left| q \right|^2}q - in\left( {t,z} \right) = 0$$
where q(t,z) is proportional to electric field, t and z are the time and the distance, D(z) is the local second-order chromatic dispersion, a(z) is proportional to the nonlinear coefficient and to the energy (it takes into account the energy variations induced by the fibre loss and the amplifier gain) and n(t,z) is the amplifier noise. In a transmission link, the three terms can reduce the system performance. The first term (chromatic dispersion) broadens temporally the pulses but can be easily compensated by a chromatic dispersion of opposite sign. The influence of the last term (noise) can be reduced by increasing the signal power. Finally, the second term (Kerr effect) is responsible for a non-linear phase shift. Its interplay with the chromatic dispersion is responsible for pulse distortion. The trade-off in power between the noise and the non-linear effect is the base of the limitation of the product bit rate times transmission distance of classical transmission systems.


Lithium Soliton Expense Coupler Demultiplexing 


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