Zeolites as Catalysts in Industrial Processes

  • P. M. M. Blauwhoff
  • J. W. Gosselink
  • E. P. Kieffer
  • S. T. Sie
  • W. H. J. Stork


Zeolites find three main commercial applications: in detergents, because of their ion-exchange capacity, in separations and adsorption, because of their molecular sieve properties, and as catalysts, mainly because of their high acidity. In volume, the application in detergents is by far the largest [1]. However, with respect to financial market size, catalysts form the largest application of zeolites [2]. As an example, the market volume in US $/annum of zeolite catalysts (basis 1994 figures) constitutes about 60% of the total market, with fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts forming the greatest contribution, 48% of total market, followed by hydrocracking catalysts, 7% of total market. In catalysts currently mainly zeolite Y is used, with the biggest consumption being in catalytic cracking and hydrocracking, but ZSM-5, mordenite, and other zeolites have also found commercial application in catalysts. Continuously, new catalytic applications are being developed, or existing ones further fine-tuned, by making use of the many opportunities zeolites offer for tailoring a catalyst.


Fluid Catalytic Crack Fluid Catalytic Crack Catalyst Research Octane Number Fluid Catalytic Crack Gasoline Toluene Disproportionation 
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List of Abbreviations


amorphous silica-alumina


British Petroleum Co.


barrels per stream day


benzene toluene xylene


Conradson carbon residue






dimethyl ether




ethylbenzene hydroperoxide


fluid catalytic cracking


Field Ion Mass Spectrometry


gas hourly space velocity




linear alkylbenzene sulfonates


light cycle oil


liquified petroleum gases


long residue


Mobil Distillate Dewaxing


methyl ethyl ketone


Mild Hydrocracking


Mobil Olefins to Gasoline and Distillate


Motor octane number


Mobil Selective Toluene Disproportionation Process


Methyl-tertiary-butyl ether


Mobil Toluene Disproportionation Process


methanol to gasoline


methanol to olefins


polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


protonated cyclopropane


pore size distribution or particle size distribution


reseach octane number


Reid vapor pressure


Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis


supported phosphoric acid


Shell Poly-Gasoline and -Kero process


tert-amyl-methyl ether


tert-butyl hydroperoxide


Topsøe Integrated Gasoline synthesis


Total Isomerization Process


unit cell size


Universal Oil Products Inc.


Union Rheinische Braunkohlen Kraftstoff AG


ultrastable Y-zeolite


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