Wave optics in gravitational lensing

  • Peter Schneider
  • Jürgen Ehlers
  • Emilio E. Falco
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So far we have treated (and will do so in the rest of this book) the propagation of light for GL systems in the approximation of geometrical optics, ignoring the wave properties of light. In this chapter we investigate the conditions under which the latter may become noticeable. It will be shown that in (nearly) all cases of practical importance the geometrical optics treatment is an excellent approximation, at least as long as one considers those sources most likely to be lensed, namely QSOs and galaxies.


Geometrical Optic Wave Effect Wave Optic Coherence Time Critical Curve 
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  • Jürgen Ehlers
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  • Emilio E. Falco
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  2. 2.Max-Planck-Institut für GravitationsphysikAlbert-Einstein-InstitutPotsdamGermany
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