Speckle Tomography of Transparent Objects

  • Nikita A. Fomin
Part of the Experimental Fluid Mechanics book series (FLUID)


Computerized tomography (CT) has become very well known due to advances in medical imaging. Tomography allows the distribution of physical parameters of a three-dimensional object to be determined from line-of-sight measurements. Since the early 1960s the tomographic approach has been applied to industrial imaging. A wide variety of problems including the nondestructive inspection of materials to locate defects, the determination of the distribution of dye in a cell, and in vivo measurements of metabolic activity in tissue, are examples of CT applications. Among other areas of applications there are radio astronomy, electron micrography, geology, oceanography, etc. The number of publications describing CT is enormous. Many books, review, and tutorial articles are devoted to various aspects of CT [374–378].


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