Application of Biotechnology in the Food Industry

  • Hans Nieuwenhuis
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Unilever is one of the world’s largest producers of consumer goods. Needs for consumer goods change over time because of changes in consumer demands. In order to remain competitive we have to meet these demands, and therefore we need innovations. Traditional and modern. Biotechnology plays an important role in these innovations. Modern biotechnology provides routes to obtain highly functional ingredients, reduce the gap between plant and desired product properties, and deliver raw materials closer to the end product. In addition it allows for the development of new food concepts. Before introducing a food-product which contains genetically modified products on the market, it is important to inform our customers and consumers as well as our own people about biotechnology, in what type of products modern biotechnology already is or may be applied, and particularly, what the benefits are to our consumers and the company. It is Unilever’s belief that the further development of modern biotechnology will continue to bring major benefits to our consumers and the company.


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