Non-Food Production: Economic, Environmental and Land Use Aspects

  • Philippe Chartier
Conference paper


Non-food production has always existed in agricultural activity: plants used as raw materials for textiles are evidence of this. In addition, species that yield new high-added-value molecules have uses in sectors such as pharmacology, cosmetics and food additives, but occupy very little land area. Large-scale non-food production involves primarily potential substitutes for petroleum feedstocks for basic chemicals, liquid and solid fuels. Within the scope of these applications, this paper addresses the following points:
  • current and future resources, with particular emphasis on the question of available lands

  • potential economic competitiveness

  • issues and limitations, notably from an environmental standpoint.

In this outlook, this paper deals with current steps taken in terms of regional niche markets and obstacles hindering the establishment of product channels, but also with the driving social forces that enable society to follow the learning curve of new technologies. These topics are illustrated by the case of the AGRICE group and liquid biofuels in France.


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  1. 1.Scientific DivisionAgence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’EnergieParis cedex 15France

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