Trends in Food Consumption in the European Union: Towards a Euro Diet?

  • Bruce Traill
Conference paper


Economics, demographics, life styles and consumer attitudes to food are all tending to converge within Europe and beyond. The extent to which this process progresses has important implications for the strategies of firms and for the organisation and management of food systems throughout Europe. It is also important for the orientation of agricultural and food research programmes in individual countries and the EU. This paper explores some of the issues and reviews some of the recent literature and evidence on convergence. Clearly food consumption patterns have become more similar across countries, but some big questions remain unanswered: how far will the process go and how quickly? It is suggested that rather than look at countries in aggregate, it would be better to consider segments of consumers with similar consumption behaviour and ask to what extent such segments will cross national borders and to what extent the size of the segments will converge across countries.


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  1. 1.Centre for Food Economics Research (CeFER) Department of Agricultural and Food EconomicsThe University of ReadingReadingUK

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