Automatic Control Methods in Traffic and Transportation

  • Markos Papageorgiou
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 166)


The paper presents some basic notions and application procedures of Automatic Control and Optimisation methodologies, and outlines current and potential applications of these methodologies to traffic and transportation systems. After definition of some basic notions and control structures, a regulation problem is presented along with possible solution methods. Practical procedures when applying automatic control and optimisation methods in real-time are discussed in some detail. A comparison of common features and differences of various network process control problems is presented before proceeding to an outline of applications of Automatic Control and Optimisation methods to various transportation domains including motorways, urban road networks, automated highway systems, rail, air, and maritime traffic. Some general conclusions and promising future research topics are also provided.


Traffic Flow Automatic Control System Total Travel Time Motorway Network Rolling Horizon 
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  • Markos Papageorgiou
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  1. 1.Dynamic Systems and Simulation LaboratoryDepartment of Production Engineering & Management Technical University of CreteChaniaGreece

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