Zn and Si Co-Doped InGaN / AlGaN Double-Heterostructure Blue and Blue-Green LEDs

  • Shuji Nakamura
  • Gerhard Fasol


The present Chap. 9 shows, how Zn-, and Si-co-doping together with other improvements can dramatically improve the output power and quantum efficiency. While the previous Chap. 8 described the development of InGaN superlattice and double heterostructure based light emitting diodes in the 100 µW, 0.15% range, the present Chap. 9 will demonstrate the developments which have led to LED’s in the 3 mW output power — 5% efficiency class. Several research developments lead to this strong improvement. One is Zn-doping, another is the replacement of LEEBI by thermal annealing. Thus both Sects. 8.8 and 9.1 discuss InGaN double heterostructure blue diodes. However, in Sect. 9.1 Zn-doping and thermal annealing are used together with other advances discussed below.


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