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Superbright blue, green, and white InGaN SQW LEDs have been discussed in this book. By combining high-power, high-brightness blue InGaN SQW LEDs, green InGaN SQW LEDs, and red GaAIAs LEDs, many kinds of applications, such as LED full-color displays and LED white lamps for use in place of light bulbs or fluorescent lamps, are now possible with characteristics of high reliability, high durability, and low energy consumption. Also, a white LED made by combining a blue InGaN SQW LED and YAG phosphor, which was less expensive than a white LED composed of three primary color LEDs, has been developed. The luminous efficiencies of the blue, green, and white LEDs are 3, 10, and 5 lm/W, which are much higher than that of conventional light bulbs (1 lm/W) (see Table 10.3).


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