Phytoplankton and Periphyton

  • Rainer Putz
  • Wolfgang J. Junk
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 126)


Most studies of Amazonian algae concentrate on phytoplankton. Taxonomy and aspects of community structure are discussed by Grönblad (1945); Förster (1969, 1974); Martins (1980); Scott et al. (1965); Uherkovich (1981); Uherkovich and Schmidt (1974); Uherkovich and Rai (1979); Thomasson (1971), and many others. In 1973 Schmidt published the first comprehensive study on primary production of phytoplankton in a várzea lake. In the following years many researchers focussed on the subject and primary production of phytoplankton in central Amazonian floodplain lakes became rather well known (Schmidt 1976; Fisher 1979; Fisher and Parsley 1979; Forsberg 1984; Rai and Hill 1984; Forsberg et al. 1991; Rodrigues 1994; and many others).


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