Multifunctional Growth Factors in Tumor Progression

  • F. Radvanyi
  • S. Bellusci
  • B. Boyer
  • J. Jouanneau
  • P. Savagner
  • A. M. Vallés
  • J. P. Thiery
Conference paper
Part of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation Workshop book series (SCHERING FOUND, volume 19)


Our goal is to analyze the role of multifunctional growth factors in epithelial plasticity and, specifically, to study the contribution of these factors to the loss of cohesion among tumor cells leading to the acquisition of motile, invasive, and metastatic behavior.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • F. Radvanyi
  • S. Bellusci
  • B. Boyer
  • J. Jouanneau
  • P. Savagner
  • A. M. Vallés
  • J. P. Thiery

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