Numerical and Graphical Modeling of Sequences

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Geologists have long understood that there are three primary controls on stratigraphic architecture, the rate of tectonic subsidence, the rate of sediment accumulation, and the rate of eustatic sea-level change (e.g., Curray 1964). Burton et al. (1987) demonstrated that we cannot obtain absolute values of any of these variables unless we already know the magnitude of two of them (it is basically a simple problem of algebra: known and unknown variables in equations). Information on sediment-accumulation can normally be derived from stratigraphic data, but the other two variables are elusive, and Burton et al. (1987) concluded, after an extensive review of the various research methods (discussed here in Chap. 2) that “although an accurate eustatic sea-level variation chart would be a boon to strati-graphers ... such a sea-level chart cannot be made.”


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