Applications of Integrated Optics and Current Trends

  • Robert G. Hunsperger


In the preceding chapters, the theory and technology of optical integrated circuits have been described. Although this a relatively new field of endeavor, numerous applications of OIC’s to the solution of current engineering problems have already been implemented and some OIC’s are now available as “off-the-shelf” commercial products. Of course, optical fiber waveguides, the companion element of OIC’s in an integrated-optic system, are already well recognized as being very useful consumer products. In this chapter, some of the more recent applications of both fibers and OIC’s are reviewed, and current trends are evaluated. In this review of representative integrated optic applications, specific systems and companies are named in order to illustrate the international character of the field and the types of organizations that are involved in it. Recommendation of any particular company or its products is not intended or implied. Also, the performance data that are quoted have generally been obtained from news articles and other secondary sources. Hence, they should be interpreted as being illustrative rather than definite.


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