Forest Fertilization

  • Eero Paavilainen
  • Juhani Päivänen
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 111)


There are several approaches to estimating the fertilization needs of peatland forests. Instructions for practical forestry are usually based on site type classification and on the results of fertilization experiments. The fertilization recommendations given for the different peatland site types are, however, average values. Therefore it is often useful to employ supplementary methods, for example soil and foliar analysis, in the nutritional diagnosis of peatland forests. These methods are especially valuable when determining the need for fertilization at the stage of refertilization. Because drainage and first fertilization have changed the composition of ground vegetation (see e.g. Päivänen and Seppälä 1968; Päivänen 1970; Reinikainen et al. 1984; Vasander et al. 1993), site classification based on ground vegetation alone is inadequate.


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