The Philosophy of Functional Fracture Bracing

  • Augusto Sarmiento
  • Loren L. Latta


In 1963 we developed a cast for the treatment of fractures of the tibia (Sarmiento 1967) which, in contrast to the conventional above-the-knee plaster of Paris casts, permitted mobilization of the knee joint. This below-the-knee cast, which was molded like the patellar tendon-bearing (PTB) prosthesis used by below-knee amputees was soon to be known (inappropriately) as the PTB cast. At that time we did not appreciate the enormous implications that such a departure from conventional treatments of tibial fractures would have in our overall attitude about fracture healing and fracture management in general. Those initial and subsequent experiences have shed new light on the understanding of fracture behavior in different environments and have demonstrated the benefits of limb function, in particular motion between the fragments in fracture healing.


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