Infections After Surgical Fixation

  • C. Colton


Infection of bone is a serious complication. It may occur by blood-borne inoculation of hitherto healthy bone as haematogenous osteomyelitis, which is usually a disease of children and not within the scope of this discussion. In the adult, bone infection usually follows either open fracture or occurs as a complication of osteosynthesis. With good surgical care, the infection rates in each of these situations are low. In osteosynthesis of closed fractures, the avoidance of infection relies upon many factors, including:
  • Immaculate aseptic procedures by the operating room (OR) staff and surgical team

  • Atraumatic soft tissue handling

  • Good OR discipline

  • The preservation of the blood supply to the bone and the soft tissues

  • The achievement of fracture stability

  • The timing of surgery


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