Electron Microscopical Analysis of Cell-Cell and Cell-Substrate Interactions : Use of Image Analysis, X-Ray Microanalysis and EFTEM

  • C. Foa
  • M. Soler
  • M. Fraterno
  • M. Passerel
  • J. L. Lavergne
  • J. M. Martin
  • P. Bongrand


Numerous fundamental biological processes such as phagocytosis, lymphoid cell migration and T-lymphocyte cytotoxicity are triggered by cell adhesion. This phenomenon results from a series of complex interactions involving membrane and pericellular matrix molecules. The presence of polysaccharides on the cell surface is responsible for two distinct functional behavioral patterns : specific recognition phenomena and maintenance of a free intercellular space. Three non-exclusive mechanisms may play a role in cell-cell interaction :


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  • C. Foa
  • M. Soler
  • M. Fraterno
  • M. Passerel
  • J. L. Lavergne
  • J. M. Martin
  • P. Bongrand

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